The Wake

by The Paul Bearer

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released August 6, 2016



all rights reserved


The Paul Bearer The Bronx, New York

Born In Jacksonville nc, Moved to New york as a child,Paul Bearer developed a love to write music. Rap influences include Notorious BIG ,2pac and a list of others .The name Paul Bearer was taken from the actual definition of a Pall Bearer at funerals, Paul is the acronym of pray and always understand love. The long awaited and debut Mixtape 'Death do us part " is nothing short of a classic. ... more

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Track Name: Wake The Game Up

Niggas know
They're now where in my playing field
I keep the steel
I pace with the 38 for real
The fiends gone off that water
no navy seal they rather buy a dub
then a steak and mash potatoe meal
My shit knock like port -au- prince
I'll give a haitian chills
The president denying sexual relations still
I fuck the world 3 times with no rubber lawd
That bitch still makin' me spin
like a hoverboard
I'm tryna hop in the benz
get out the rum accord
roof drop and duwap
that's what the summer's for
Nah I aint playin with 'em
I'm all in it,Im gifted something different
nigga taiwan chicken.
Niggas sayin' he the best
He got icon in him
The hulkster's 24 inch
python vison
nigga you can get with this dog
or you can left here
soft niggas love to talk shit like the ted bear
I'm gangsta from the end of tremont to edgemere
and every fuckin' hood
where it's blue and it's red there
The groupies Ba-nan-nas
so I get fed love
bitch bit my dick
Im nicknaming her bedbug
The way that I crept up
was so unheard of
glove with the burner trust
nothings worst that a murder
That's what i did to the game
I'm the most slept on
a diamond in the dirt or pot
of gold a lepre-chaun
Homie you just warm
Im max in farenheit
married to the game
but i swear I aint wearing white
as fab i'm just as nice
jada I'm something greater
block was too hot
we let the cocaine bubble later
niggas sell they soul for
the gram,I see it's true
spend they whole check on a belt
and yeezy shoe ,this how they beating you
typical slave masters,pay to brainwash
and give a check to gay rappers
back on her bullshit
she cook at the stove watch
naked packing work
love the juxing and botox
look i am no wallace
but she is my faith evans
bouught me hermes ,the 11's
Im space jamming

Wake the game up
Im the last of a dying breed
these rappers all the same
I'm startin' to think that they siamese
real 'cause the jungle know's
just what the lion needs
wake the game up
I'm the last of a dying breed


yea verse 2
yea i'm bringin' the black suit
bitch went and rode the whole team
I call her the frat coupe
she aint even pull of her jeans
and she aint have to
Bout to put this shit on the gram
nigga Imma @ you
hashtag thot
hashtag hoes gone wild
her girls say she's too fast
but she won't slow down
til she catch something
to make her soul float on clouds
til she catch something
to make her soul float on clouds
now let's get back to this street talk
the weed plant so high it's like im
grabbing a beanstalk I'm steamed off
yea he snappin'
long time due
awhile since I ate a rapper like 4x2
I need all my loot
nah cant slow up on 'em
grayson allen from duke
homie I'm so clutch on 'em
the smith will buck on 'em
but no ohio
maniac with fire flow homie
Im so pyro-
Im on point with the spiral
like brady and amendola
gold with the choaker
lookin' like Im king jaffe joffer
on the search for my youngin
that's my prince hakeem
just found out he was livin'
in the middle of queens
gotta find him,cause he fucked up
20 grand in the streets
I won't kill em but imma knock em
in his head with the heat
'cause I dont play about my money boy
I keep the cal tucked and them bullets
will cook ya wig like halal truck.